Prior to the "genomics era" ushered in by completion of a first draft of the human genome sequence, inherited diseases were considered to be exceedingly rare and caused by single genes. Since about 1990, however, gene discoveries have increasingly shed light on how the body normally functions. A gene's protein product may impact directly on a process, such as the proteins hemoglobin, collagen, antibodies, clotting factors or peptide hormones, or it may be an enzyme that controls production of another type of biochemical. Gene products interact with each other and environmental factors in intricate ways to build the bodies of humans and other multicellu-lar organisms. With this new way of looking at ourselves, physiology is not only being dissected at the cellular level, but at the level of the chemical signals that enable cells to interact to form tissues, and tissues to form organs. It is a new view of anatomy and physiology.

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Chapter 24: Genetics and Genomics

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Physiology, Ninth Edition

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