Swifts and tree swifts are insectivores, birds that eat insects. Swifts catch most prey while flying with their mouths open. The type of insects eaten depends on where the swifts are and the weather. On warm days, there are more insects in the air. Swifts' prey includes mayflies, termites, and ants, and sometimes even spiders.

Tree swifts perch in trees and watch for prey, such as flies, bugs, and ants. They fly after prey and after catching it, they swallow it whole.

Hummingbirds use their long tongues to drink nectar, a sweet liquid found in flowers. Since hummingbirds live in many countries around the world, members of this family drink nectar from thousands of different flowers. Hummingbirds are likely to feed on flowers that are red, orange, and yellow. The birds may also eat insects.

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