Web Sites

American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP), http://www.ascp.org. American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS), http://www. ascls. org.

American Society for Microbiology (ASM), http://www.asm.org.

Association of Public Health Laboratories, http://www.aphl.org. Clinical Laboratory Management Association (CLMA), http://www. clma.org.

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA), http://www.cms. hhs.gov/clia.

American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD), http//www.aavld.org.

U.S. Animal Health Association (USAHA), http://www.usaha.org. Laboratory Response Network (LRN), http://www.bt.cdc.gov/lrn/. National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP), http://www.epa.gov/nerlesd1/land-sci/nelac/. National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN), http://www.nahln.us.

National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN), http://www.npdn.org. Canadian Public Health Laboratory Network (CPHLN), http://www. cphln.ca.

National Laboratory System and Database (NLS), http://www/ phppo.cdc.gov/mlp/nls.aspx.

FoodNet Surveillance, http://www.cdc.gov/foodnet.

U.S. EPA Laboratories, http://www/epa/gov/OSP/tribes/sciinf/labs.htm.

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