Use of the System

Pilot data reflected the diversity of users of the Project SHARE system: users included 35 nurses (which encompasses school site and district nurses with both licensed vocational nursing and registered nursing qualifications), 27 health clerks, 16 attendance clerks (includes secretaries), six analysts, and four principals and administrators. The total number of users was 88. Users were from 35 different schools, representing 11 different San Diego school districts. Twenty elementary schools (average enrollment of 688), two middle schools (average enrollment of 1112), and 12 high schools (average enrollment of 1181) participated in the pilot.

Log-in data between December 1, 2003 and April 22, 2004 revealed that 97 users with passwords logged in a total of 10,560 times or an average of 108.9 log-ins per user. Eighty-five percent of potential users accessed the system to either view screens or submit an Attendance or Health Report.

The timeliness of data submission can be a problem with "drop-in" style voluntary reporting systems because these systems ask users to add reporting tasks to their usual work load. Using system logs, the evaluators determined the percentage of reports submitted on time by clerks and nurses in the pilot testing group. Results show mean delays of about 2.7 days in submission of attendance reports and delays of 1.7 days in submission of health reports. Table 24.1 summarizes the reporting data.

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