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The National Retail Data Monitor (NRDM) is a public health surveillance tool that collects daily sales data for selected over-the-counter (OTC) products from retailers nationwide Tor the purpose of detecting outbreaks of disease, either naturally occurring or as a result of bto terrorism. Hie potential benefits to a retail coqioration that participates in the NRDM are listed here.

❖ Mitigate the impact of a bioterrorism attack. The worldwide economic impact of a successful bioterrorism attack would be enormous and would likely affect your business by causing economic recession in Ibe same way that SARS produced recession in Asia. That impact can only be mitigated through earlier detection and thereby earlier control.

*** Protect your employees and communities. 'Ilie direct impact of an attack that actually involved stores and employees of the firm could be even greater through lost productivity, insurance claims, and the cost of medical care.

Address múltiple requests from health departments for data. Many health departments have been approaching retailers directly for OTC sales data. These requests arc received by representatives of your firm at the national, regional, or local level. These requests can be handled by the NRDM rather than by your firm's personnel, v Enhance voitr prestiage with local communities, physicians, public health. Historically, the retail industiy has risen to meet challenges during wartime and other national emergencies and these civic contributions pay indi reel bcnelits in the form of prestige and national recognition.

•*• Minimize cost to comply With reporting legislation. As a result Of the threat of biotenorism, new legislation is being proposed (and has passed in Michigan, Wisconsin and Utah) that mandates that pharmacies report unusual increases in prescription and OTC sales volume. For OTC sales, the NRDM is a powerful reporting tool that is already in place that can satisfy these new requirements. Hie NRDM is happy to assist retailers in satisfying requirements relating to prescriptions as well.

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Reil-lime Outbreak and Disease Surveillance (RODS) Laboratory • University of Pittsburgh Suite 550 • too Techn«logy Drive • Pittsburgh PA I5?I9 • USA Tel: 00+1-412-64 7-7113 * Fax: 00+1 ^12-383-3135 i h«p:Wrww,health.plU.e4l/tads figure 34.2 National Retail Data Monitor (NRDM) business case.

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