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PM Milestone Project Management Templates

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table 36.5 Project Characteristics

Project Characteristic



Relevance Note

Appropriate processes

Capitalization Customer focus

Data availability

Historically based, relevant predictive data Modern support environment and tools Project brevity

Requirements stability Strategic teaming

Team cohesiveness

Team expertise Training support

Expertise of the project manage

Is the project team using a consistent and well understood project methodology?

Is the project backed by sufficient funding?

Are you familiar with the customer? Is there evidence that the organization is prepared to support customer priorities?

Is the data available from within the organization? Is it well understood? Will the data provider participate in the team?

Is there historical data available to use in planning the project?

Will the project be using recent and robust tools?

Less than 2 months? 2-6 months? 6-12 months? 12-18 months?

How stable will the requirements be? Does the customer fully understand what they are asking for?

Is your organization set up for teaming? Do you have prequalified teaming partners?

Has the project team worked together long? Do they have a history of welcoming and acclimating new members?

Does your team have both domain and technical area expertise? Has it delivered similar projects for other customers?

Is there appropriate training available? Can you arrange for training easily? Does your organization have a history of being receptive to providing training for employees?

Has the designated project manager managed similar projects? With this team? With other team?

"Yes" answer(s)

"Yes" answer(s) "Yes" answer(s)

"Yes" answer(s)

"Yes" answer(s)

"Yes" answer(s)

Relatively short project, "Less than 2 months," "2-6 months" "Yes" answer(s)

"Yes" answer(s)

"Yes" answer(s)

"Yes" answer(s)

"Yes" answer(s)

"Yes" answer(s)

Especially relevant for data warehouse projects where source data will be provided from other systems

Relevant only for development projects

Relevant only if you need capabilities not available in house

May not be relevant if "team expertise" is very high. However, consider that long projects may have staff turnover.

Adapted from Bechtold, R. (1999). Essentials of Software Project Management. Vienna, VA: Management Concepts. Reproduced by permission of Management Concepts.

table 3 6.6 Project Characteristics and Project Life Cycles

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