CDCDoD Categories

Representatives from the CDC and other stakeholders formed a working group to develop a suggested list of ICD code sets (CDC, 2003). These representatives reviewed all 12,000 ICD codes for possible inclusion in one of twelve ICD code sets (Table 23.9). They also looked at the frequency of code usage in both a DoD outpatient visit data set and a civilian ED data set. Based on the frequency of code usage and their knowledge of symptoms associated with diseases represented by ICD codes, they assigned ICD codes to syndrome code sets. They further specified three levels of membership in the categories, which they somewhat confusingly labeled categories 1, 2, and 3:

Category 1: that reflect general symptoms of the syndrome group and also ... the bioterrorism diseases of highest concern or those diseases highly approximating them.

table 2 3.9 CDC/DoD ICD Code Sets

Code Set

Number of ICD Codes in Set


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