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Friedman, C. and J. Wyatt, eds. (1997). Evaluation Methods in Medical Informatics. Computers in Medicine. New York: Springer. A comprehensive monograph on the design, conduct and interpretation of evaluations of information systems in medicine.

2 The CDC defines influenza like illness as fever (temperature of >100°F) plus either a cough or a sore throat.

Wagner, M., J.Pavlin,Brillman, al. (2004). Synthesis of Research on the Value of Unconventional Data for Early Detection of Disease Outbreaks. Washington, DC: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. This report summarizes results from the Biological Advanced Leading Indicator Recognition Technology program (Bio-ALIRT), which was funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency from 2001 to 2003. The overall goal of the program was to develop technology for early detection of a covert biological event through statistical analysis of non traditional data sources. This report summarizes the work performed to identify and evaluate non traditional data sources.

Wagner, M. M., R. Aryel, Dato, V. et al. (2001). Availability and Comparative Value of Data Elements Required for an Effective Bioterrorism Detection System. Washington, DC: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. A report on the methods and results of a 1-year project to estimate the availability and potential of new types of surveillance data.

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