This book represents the work and support of many people in addition to the editors and the chapter authors. We are particularly grateful to Daphne Henry who assembled and copy-edited each chapter, shepherded the project through to completion, and contributed her unique literary talents in several chapters. We were fortunate to work closely with people at Elsevier throughout the project, including Luna Han, who identified the need for a book on this topic, and our production editor Pat Gonzalez.

The idea for this book grew from two reports commissioned by the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research in 2000 under contract 290-00-0009 (with special thanks to Sally Phillips for her guidance and support). The following research grants also supported our research during the period 1999-2005, when we developed many of the ideas in the book: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 2003-6-19; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention U90/CCU318753; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ME-01-737 and SAP4000007765; Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Air Force Research Laboratory F30602-01-2-0550 (with specific thanks to Pete Estacio, Jim Reilly,Ted Senator, and David Siegrist for initiating the projects); Environmental Protection Agency (with special thanks to Dave Apanian and Kathy Clayton); National Library of Medicine 5 R29 LM06233 (with thanks to Milton Corn for having the vision to allow a redirection of the project), 1 R21 LM008278-01, 5 T15 LM/DE07059; National Science Foundation IIS-0325581; and U.S. Department of Agriculture GS06K97BND0710 (with special thanks for championing of the project by Cmdr. Kimberly Elenberg).

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