Immobilization of PDglucosidase using prepolymer

Immobilization of ^-D-glucosidase from almonds on photo-crosslinkable resin prepolymer (ENTP-4000) was carried out by the following procedure. One gram of ENTP-4000 was mixed with 10 mg of a photosensitizer, benzoin ethyl ether, and 110 mg of ^-D-glucosidase from almonds (3.4 units mg-1). The mixture was layered on a sheet of transparent polyester film (thickness, ca. 0.5 mm). The layer was covered with transparent thin film and then illuminated with chemical lamps (wavelength range 300-400 nm) for 3 min. The gel film thus obtained was cut into small pieces (0.5 x 5 x 5 mm) and used for bioconversion reaction.

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