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Enzyme-catalyzed P-glucosidation for primary alcohol has been established as a useful technology in synthetic chemistry. Although the chemical yield was not always satisfactory, it was found that the yield of P-D-glucopyranosides was governed by the use of alcohol. In order to overcome this obstacle, the following points should be studied: (i) screening for microorganism or enzyme possessing high P-glucosidase activity against the functionalized alcohols including secondary alcohols and phenols; and (2) new approach to oligosaccharide synthesis involving the use of a specifically mutated P-glucosidase (glycosynthetase).27 As the area of gluco-conjugated science continues to grow, new enzymatic procedures for the synthesis of many natural and unnatural carbohydrates and related compounds will continue to be developed. Significant advances in methodologies for

Figure 28: Synthesis of Rosavin and its analogs.

chemical synthesis have been made in recent years and this chemical synthesis offers greater flexibility and generality. An alternative approach is enzymatic synthesis, and glycosyl transferase has indeed been used for this extensively in recent years. The two approaches are indeed complementary and should be considered not to be competitive. It is believed that more effective synthetic strategies based on the combination of chemical and enzymatic methods will continue to be developed for the purpose of solution of the biological problems associated with carbohydrates.

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