The approach of integrative modelling covers different fields of computer science. At this point we give a short overview of our implementation of the methods discussed. The basic idea of the PROTON system (Figure 11.15) is to enable the modeller to control the modelling cycle interactively. At our point of view a centralized and service oriented architecture is suitable to handle the many different operations. In this approach a model is represented by a service providing the content of the model as well as the methods operating at the model: preprocessing of data, objects integration, processes integration and systems integration.

The right choice of the underlying database system is essential for the approach. Our module Proton Server, which is hosting the models of different users makes internally use of the database management system FastObjects t7 from Versant. The system has been completely developed in the Java programming language. Consequently, the graphical modelling environment ProtonDesk has been implemented as

Fig. 11.15 PROTON integrates methods and data using a service based architecture.

a so-called smart client, which is an autonomous application making use of the models and methods implemented in the server.

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