Tools Available Within Entrez GEO Profiles Results Page

After identification of profile(s) of interest, there are several features on the profile records that link to various types of related profiles, assisting in identification of more genes of interest, or to related information in other NCBI Entrez databases:

Profile neighbors connects genes that show a similar or reversed profile shape within a DataSet, as calculated by Pearson correlation coefficients. Profile neighbors may suggest that those genes have a coordinated transcriptional response, possibly inferring some common function or regulatory elements (see Note 2).

Sequence neighbors retrieves profiles related by nucleotide sequence similarity across all DataSets, as determined by BLAST (5). Retrievals are shown in decreasing order of similarity to the selected sequence and can provide valuable insights into the possible function of the original sequence if it has not yet been characterized, or they may be useful in identifying related gene family members or for cross-species comparisons.

Homolog neighbors retrieves profiles of genes belonging to the same Homolo-Gene group. HomoloGene is a system for automated detection of homologs among the annotated genes of several completely sequenced eukaryotic genomes.

Links menu allows users to easily traverse from the GEO databases to associated records in other Entrez data domains including GenBank, PubMed, Gene, UniGene, OMIM, HomoloGene, Taxonomy, SAGEMap, and MapViewer.

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