Submission Instructions

The submission process consists of several simple steps.

1. Prepare a simple FASTA-formatted text file (see Note 5) that contains the sequence, or find its GenBank accession number.

2. Go to the VISTA website, and click on the GenomeVISTA link.

3. Enter the sequence (you can paste it in as FASTA-formatted text, upload a FASTA file, or enter the GenBank number).

4. Choose the base genome from the drop-down list.

5. (Optional) If you wish, you can enter your e-mail in the optional section. The results of the analysis will be sent to you as soon as the computation is finished. We highly recommend doing so, since that way it will be easy to refer back to your results without having to rerun the analysis. You can also enter an identifying name for the sequence here—instead of the generic "Sequence 1," you can assign something meaningful, such as "GibbonMRNA."

6. Click the "Submit" button. A link to the results, available once the computation is complete, will be displayed on screen—do not lose it if you did not enter your email!

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