Querying CORG

A search form similar to Fig. 1 should appear now. Please enter your gene or transcript identifier in the designated form field. Valid identifiers include HUGO symbols, Marker symbols, SWISSPROT identifier, EntrezGene identifier, RefSeq identifiers, and ENSEMBL gene or transcript identifiers. Example session:

1) Type in E2F2 in the blank form field, select "Homo sapiens" as species if it is not highlighted yet, and hit the submit button.

Makes sure that you have selected the right species before you hit the submit button. Allow some time to process your request. The result page (Fig. 2) is structured into the following sections:

1. The search request that was sent to the CORG server is restated in the top line.

2. All entries matching the search request are listed below in tabular form, which contains a gene description field.

Check whether your query led to the right result by reading the gene's description and continue by clicking on the gene identifier. Example session:

2) Click on the single text link "ENSG00000007968" that appears in column "gene identifier."

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