Query Mean Group A vs B

The "Query mean group A vs B" feature is available on DataSet records (Fig. 1). This tool enables researchers to identify genes that have specific profile characteristics with regard to experimental factors within a DataSet. The user assigns one or multiple subsets to group A and other subset(s) to group B. He or she can then specify that he wants to retrieve all profiles in which the mean value or rank is, for example, 4+-fold higher in group A compared with group B and is directed to Entrez GEO profiles that match those criteria.

For example, for DataSet GDS279, if a researcher wants to locate genes that display a 3+-fold increase in expression between mice that were fed high-fat diet compared with mice that were fed a low-fat diet, he or she would check boxes, as indicated in Fig. 1. Hitting the "Query A vs B" button would retrieve profiles that meet these specifications.

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