1. Opening a new window for each of the desired links is recommended. This would circumvent problems with losing the connection to the preceding page. The right-click option, for opening a new window to a link, is available on PCs that use Microsoft operating systems. This option might not be available on other operating systems.

2. Viewing the in-depth information can help you to evaluate whether the matches with the genomic DNA are significant.

3. Currently multispecies alignment is provided for 30,000 bases or less. Therefore, to obtain an alignment, zoom in the desired region. This works relatively well for viewing the conserved regions in the promoter regions of genes. To do so, scroll to left or right, depending on the direction of the transcript. Identify the longest cDNA by including the track for known genes. Subsequently, zoom in the 5' end of the gene, to bring the viewed region to 30,000 bases or less. Click on refresh. Then click on the track named conservation (Fig. 3). You will obtain alignments of the nucleotide sequences of the selected species.

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