Reduces Nsaidinduced Intestinal Damage

Defatted BC had major beneficial effects in preventing NSAID-induced gut injury in a variety of well-validated in vivo and in vitro models (Kim et al 2005a,b, Playford et al 1999). BC improves the integrity of intestinal villi and prevents NSAID-induced increases in small intestine permeability. More specifically, the studies indicate that it stimulates both cell migration and proliferation, thereby enhancing the natural repair mechanisms that occur during acute mucosal injury. One of the studies by Kim et al (2005a) identified that when BC is administered together with glutamine, gastrointestinal protection is greater than when either agent is used alone. The other study further found that the overgrowth of enteric aerobic bacteria seen with NSAID administration did not occur to the same extent with BC (Kim et al 2005b). Colostrum 317

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