Protective Effects Against Cancer

A 2001 critical review of the epidemiological evidence suggests a preventive effect for garlic consumption in stomach and colorectal cancers, but not other cancers (Fleischauer & Arab 2001). In regard to gastric cancer protection, case-control studies suggested a protective effect for raw and/or cooked garlic when eaten at least once a week whereas protective effects against colorectal cancer seem to require at least two servings of garlic per week. A similar view was reported in a 2003 review by Ernst, which stated that the weight of evidence to support the use of allium vegetables, such as garlic, in cancer is clearly positive.

Intervention study in colorectal cancer A preliminary double-blind, randomised clinical trial in patients with colorectal adenomas-precancerous lesions of the large bowel produced promising results with the use of high-dose aged garlic extract (AGE 2.4 miyday) (Tanaka et al 2006). The study of 51 patients measured the number and size of adenomas at baseline and at 6 and 12 months and found that AGE significantly suppressed both the size and the number of colon adenomas in patients after 1 year of treatment (P = 0.04). In comparison, the number of adenomas increased linearly in the control group from the beginning.

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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