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Safety has not been scientifically established. PRACTICE POINTS/PATIENT COUNSELLING

• CoQ10 is a safe antioxidant vitamin used in supplement form for a wide range of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart failure, hypertension and angina, with generally positive evidence supporting its use.

• Preliminary research has shown that presurgical supplementation has positive effects in cardiac surgery and improves recovery.

• There is also some clinical evidence suggesting a role in migraine headache, Huntington's chorea, mitochondrial myopathy, COPD, periodontal disease and slowing the progression of Parkinson's disease.

• Several common medicines, such as statins, have been found to reduce serum CoQ10 status. Although still speculative, case reports show that CoQ10 supplements have reversed some side-effects associated with statin drugs.


What will this vitamin do for me?

CoQ10 is an antioxidant vitamin used in every cell of the body. It is necessary for healthy function and can improve heart function, lower blood pressure and reduce angina. Taken before cardiac surgery it has been shown to reduce complications and hasten recovery in some studies. It may also provide benefits in periodontal disease, migraine headache, Huntington's chorea, mitochondrial myopathy, COPD and slow the progression of Parkinson's disease.

When will it start to work?

This depends on the indication. For heart conditions and to reduce migraine, 10-12 weeks may be required. To delay the progression of Parkinson's disease, one study found that effects started after 9 months' use. Are there any safety issues?

Medical monitoring is required in patients taking warfarin and starting high dose CoQ10 supplements; however, even high dose supplements are well tolerated and considered safe.

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