Pregnancy Use

There is insufficient reliable information available to make a recommendation.


• Gentian root and its preparations are extremely bitter.

• Gentian preparations stimulate salivation, gastric juice and bile secretion.

• They are used to improve digestion, relieve flatulence and stimulate appetite.

• Little clinical investigation has been undertaken with the herb so evidence of efficacy relies on traditional and animal studies.

• It should not be used in cases of gastric or duodenal ulcer or hyperacidity.


What will this herb do for me?

Gentian preparations stimulate taste buds when taken orally, and increase gastric juice secretion, thereby improving digestion. When will it start to work?

Effects are expected within several minutes of ingestion. Are there any safety issues?

It should not be used by people with gastric or duodenal ulcers or with gastric hyperacidity.

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