Pregnancy Use

Likely to be safe when consumed in dietary amounts; however, safety is not known when used in larger quantities.


• Cranberry preparations are widely used to prevent and treat minor UTI.

• Overall, clinical testing suggests that the juice and solid-dose forms may have significant beneficial effects for UTI management.

• Cranberry exerts bacteriostatic effects by reducing bacterial adhesion to host tissues.

• Overall, evidence suggests no significant alteration to urinary pH at doses less than 330 mL daily.

• Cranberry products have also been used to treat gout and to deodorise urine in peoplewith incontinence.

• Preliminary research suggests a possible role in preventing conditions such as Helicobacter pylori infection and dental plaque formation.


What will this herb do for me?

Cranberry products appear to reduce the risk of developing UTI and may be useful as a treatment in minor UTI. When will it start to work?

Studies using 1-2 glasses of cranberry juice suggest that 4-8 weeks' continual use is required; however, faster effects using concentrated tablets or capsules have been reported.

Are there any safety issues?

If fever or pain exists or symptoms of UTI become more severe, seek medical advice. REFERENCES

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