Pregnancy Use

Insufficient reliable information is available to advise on safety in pregnancy.


• Glucosamine is a naturally occurring building block of joint tissue and cartilage.

• Glucosamine is considered effective in treating the pain and disability of OA and it may act to slow the progression of the disease, although several weeks are required before a clinical effect is evident.

• It is considered extremely safe and may reduce the need for NSAIDs (which can have serious side-effects).

• Although chondroitin is sometimes used in conjunction with glucosamine, there is no conclusive evidence that the combination has greater benefit than either substance alone.

• People with severe shellfish allergy should be advised to use a form that is not derived from shellfish.

• Patients with diabetes should monitor their blood glucose levels while taking glucosamine.


What will this supplement do for me?

Multiple scientific studies have shown that glucosamine sulfate reduces symptoms of OA and may also reduce further progression of the condition. Some people find that they do not require NSAIDs as often when taking it. When will it start to work?

Symptom relief generally takes 2-3 weeks to establish, but joint protection effects occur only with long-term use of several years. Are there any safety issues?

Although considered very safe for the general population, it should be used with caution in people with severe shellfish allergies, and diabetics are advised to monitor their blood glucose levels during use.

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