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• Bilberry has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and astringent actions and has considerable polyphenol content.

• Bilberry extract is a popular treatment in Europe for preventing and treating retinopathy. It is also used to treat several other ophthalmic conditions such as poor night vision, poor light adaptation, and sensitivity to glare, photophobia, glaucoma, myopia and cataract. Bilberry 120

• Some research also suggests that It Is useful In venous Insufficiency, peripheral vascular disorders (such as Raynaud's syndrome) and capillary fragility.

• Approved by Commission E for the treatment of non-specific, acute diarrhoea and mild inflammatory conditions of the mouth and throat.

• Preliminary evidence suggests it may reduce serum glucose levels and triglycerides in diabetes and prevent peptic ulcer formation due to NSAIDs or stress; however, clinical research is still required to confirm these effects.

• In vitro investigation has identified anticarcinogenic activity.

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