Plant Parts Used

Fruit, dried outer peel of the ripe fruit, and essential oils and floral water (orange blossom water).

Clinical note — Three different essential oils

C. aurantium var. dulcís (sweet orange) and C. aurantium var. amara (bitter orange) are obtained from the peel and are usually expressed oils.

Neroli essential oil is obtained from the flowers of C. aurantium var. amara by steam distillation and very occasionally enfleurage and is known as Neroli Bigarade, which is said to be the best Neroli essential oil available. Neroli essential oil obtained from C. aurantiumvar. dulcís is known as Neroli of Portugal.

Petitgrain is obtained from the leaves of C. aurantiumvar. amara by steam distillation.

Each of these oils has a different chemical profile and therefore different uses. Distilled essential oils are used more in food flavourings and expressed essential oils in aromatherapy and perfumes because of their stronger fragrance (Tisserand & Balacs 1995). This monograph concentrates on expressed sweet orange and bitter orange essential oils.

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