Other Uses

Distilled orange oil is often added to foods and beverages to enhance their flavour and to medicines to reduce the unpleasant taste.

Orange blossom water or hydrosol contains small proportions of essential oils and is used on the skin as an astringent and orally as a gastrointestinal carminative (Jeannot et al 2005). There are no terpenes in orange hydrosol, so the likelihood of causing skin irritation is significantly reduced. It is also used topically as an astringent

for acne-prone skin and to calm babies and induce sleep (Bellakhdar 1997, Hmamouchi 1999).

The essential oil of C. aurantium var. amara is used as an ingredient in perfumes. DOSAGE RANGE BITTER ORANGE PEEL PRODUCTS

• General dose information: 4-6 g daily of cut peel for teas or other galenical preparations used for oral administration.

• Infusion: 2 g of cut peel in 1 50 mL boiling water taken three times daily.

• Weight loss: bitter orange 975 mg (used with caffeine 528 mg and St John's wort 900 mg in a small double-blind study).

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