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One open study of 80 patients with renal failure undergoing haemodialysis found that 1350 mg of chitosan taken three times daily effectively reduced total serum cholesterol levels (from 10.14 ± 4.40 mmol/Lto 5.82 ± 2.19 mmol/L)and increased serum haemoglobin levels (from 58.2 ±12.1 g/L to 68 ± 9.0 g/L) (Jing et al 1997). After 4 weeks, significant reductions in serum urea and creatinine levels were observed. After 12 weeks, patients reported subjective improvements, such as feeling physically stronger, increased appetite and improved sleep, which were also significantly greater than the placebo group. Importantly, during the treatment period, no clinically problematic symptoms were observed.


Chitosan is applied to burns and wound dressings in the form of films, bandages, cotton-like materials, and non-woven napkins. These dressings have good hydro-scopicity, show high bacteriostatic effect, and are completely biodegradable in the human body. Another significant advantage is that repeated dressings are usually not needed (Synowiecki et al 2003). Topical application of chitosan enhances wound healing and has been used to promote donor-site tissue regeneration in plastic surgery. Its use is supported by findings that indicate chitosan accelerates the reformation of connective tissue (Ueno et al 2001).

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