Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Artichoke leaf extract appears to have substantial benefits in IBS, according to the available evidence; however, large controlled studies are required to confirm these observations.

A subgroup of patients with IBS symptoms was identified from a sample of subjects with dyspeptic syndrome who were being monitored for 6 weeks (Walker et al 2001). Analysis of the data revealed 96% of patients rated artichoke leaf extract as better than or at least equal to previous therapies administered for their symptoms. Physicians also provided favourable reports on its effects in these patients.

More recently, a study of 208 adults with IBS observed before and after a 2-month Intervention period of changes in symptoms (Budy et al 2004). A significant reduction in the incidence of IBS by 26.4% and a significant shift in self-reported usual bowel pattern toward 'normal' were also reported after treatment. The Nepean Dyspepsia Index (NDI) total symptom score significantly decreased by 41 % after treatment and a significant 20% improvement in the NDI total QOL score.

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