Inhibits Serotonin Release And Binding

Parthenollde and several other sesquiterpene lactone constituents Inhibit serotonin Feverfew 417

release but do not bind to 5HT., receptors, according to In vivo data (Groenewegen &

Heptinstall 1990, Maries et al 1992, Weber et al 1997a). Some tests with 5HT2A receptors show parthenolide is a low-affinity antagonist (Weber et al 1997b), whereas other tests found no effect on 5HT2A or 2B receptors. Feverfew extract potently and directly blocked 5HT2A and 2B receptors and neuronally released 5HT, suggesting that feverfew powder or extracts are more effective than isolated parthenolide (Mittra et al 2000).

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