Very-low-birth-weight infants may be susceptible to glutamine depletion due to limited nutrition in the first weeks of life. In a double-blind randomised, placebo-controlled trial of 102 VLBW infants (gestational age <32 weeks or birth weight < 1 500 g) receiving enteral glutamine supplementation (0.3 g/kg/day) added to breast milk or to preterm formula between days 3 and 30 of life, glutamine supplementation resulted in a significantly lower rate of infectious morbidity (Berg et L-Glutamine 614

Experimental data has suggested that by stimulating the rate of recovery of the villi and lipid synthesising enzymes, L-GIn treatments could improve the efficacy of enteral feeding in infants recovering from bowel damage (Ahdieh et al 1998), although this was not confirmed in that study.

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