Improved Physical Performance And Preservation Of Muscle Mass

BC has been used by athletes mainly as a natural source of IGF-I because it has an anabolic effect and is involved in the regulatory feedback of growth hormone. It is taken in the belief that protein catabolism will be reduced during intense training periods and physical performance will improve.

A double-blind crossover study of nine male athletes confirmed that ingestion of BC (125 miyday; Bioenervie, Viable Byproducts) resulted in elevated concentrations of IGF-I; however, no significant effects were reported for serum IgG or saliva IgA concentrations (Mero et al 1997). Several years later in a larger study of athletes, under double-blind study conditions, the researchers confirmed that BC ingestion produced significant increases in serum IGF-I (Mero et al 2002). The dose of 20 g/day of BC (Dynamic supplement) was used during a 2-week training period. The study further found saliva IgA levels increased with this particular treatment.

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