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Glucomannan slows carbohydrate absorption and slows the postprandial Insulin response by up to 50% (McCarty 2002).

Aloe vera leaf gel has been Investigated as a possible hepatoprotectlve and kidney protective agent In diabetes type 2 using animal models. In one study, the leaf gel and gllbenclamlde both decreased degenerative kidney changes, serum urea levels and creatinine levels, but only aloe further reduced kidney lipid peroxidation (Bolkent et al 2004). Can et al (2004) tested aloe pulp, aloe gel extract and gllbenclamlde, finding that all treatments decreased liver tissue damage as compared to control animals. Aloe gel extract also Increased glutathione levels and decreased non-enzymatlc glycosylatlon, lipid peroxidation, serum alkaline phosphatase and alanine transaminase.

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