Hypoglycaemic Agents

If used in combination with oral glucose-lowering conventional or complementary medicines it may contribute to hypoglycaemia (oral doses) — blood glucose levels should be monitored (Springhouse 2001).


Essential oils are not recommended in the first 3 months of life because the barrier Eucalyptus 3o7

function of the skin is not fully developed. Eucalyptus globulus may cause skin allergy © 2007 Elsevier Australia

in susceptible individuals (those prone to asthma, allergies, and previous reaction to euca lyptus).

Eucalyptus oil should not be administered internally to children or people with inflammatory gastrointestinal tract disease or impaired liver function, or during pregnancy.

Eucalyptus oil should not be applied to the face, especially of infants and young children because of the risk of bronchospasm and irritation.

The oil should be stored out of the reach of children and confused people.

Vapourisers containing eucalyptus essential oils should also be placed out of reach. Poisoning has occurred following ingestion from vapourisers.

Oily carrier fluids should not be used for nasal spays because they inhibit protective nasal ciliary movements and could cause lipid pneumonia.

The essential oil is highly flammable and represents a fire risk when used in candle vapourisers.

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