Baicalein, baicalin and wogonin have been shown to have hepatoprotective effects in vivo. The flavonoids decrease the toxicity produced by a variety of chemicals. Significant protective effects were seen by comparing the serum levels of AST and ALT and histopathologic examination (Lin & Shieh 1996). Baical skullcap 59

The combination Sho-saiko-to has been shown to inhibit chemical hepatocarcinogenesis in animals, act as a biological response modifier and suppress the proliferation of hepatoma cells by inducing apoptosis and arresting the cell cycle. These effects may be due to baicalin, baicalein and saikosaponins (from Bupleurum falcatum), which have the ability to inhibit cell proliferation (Shimizu 2000).

Baical flavonoids inhibit hepatic CYP1A2, suggesting that baical extract may be hepatoprotective via prevention of CYP1 A2-induced metabolic activation of toxins (Kim etal 2002).

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