Gastrointestinal Protection Against Nsaidinduced Damage

BC has also been investigated in a small randomised, crossover study as prophylaxis against NSAID-induced gastrointestinal damage (Playford et al 2001). A spray-dried, defatted colostrum (125 mL three times daily) was co-administered with indomethacin (50 mg three times daily) for 5 days in the first phase, then the effect of 7 days treatment with the colostral solution on gut permeability was determined in subjects taking NSAID long-term. Indomethacin (1 50 mg/day) caused a threefold increase in gut permeability after 5 days, whereas no change was observed when colostrum was co-administered, suggesting a protective effect. In contrast, no Colostrum 320

protective effect was seen in subjects who had been using NSAIDs long-term and then administered colostrum for 1 week.

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