Gastrointestinal Conditions Associated With Spasm And Nervousness

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To date, only studies using lemon balm In combination with other herbs are available.

A 1 5-day open study Involving 24 subjects with chronic non-specific colitis Investigated whether a combination of lemon balm, St John's wort, dandelion, marigold and fennel could provide symptom relief (Chakurskl et al 1981). Excellent results were obtained by the end of the study, with herbal treatment resulting In the disappearance of spontaneous and palpable pains along the large Intestine In 95.83% of patients. A double-blind study using a herbal tea prepared from chamomile, lemon balm, vervain, licorice and fennel In Infantile colic has also been conducted. A dose of 150 ml_ offered up to three times dally was found to eliminate symptoms of colic In 57% of Infants, whereas placebo was helpful In only 26% after 7 days' treatment (Welzman et al 1993).

Commission E supports the use of lemon balm for functional gastrointestinal conditions (Blumenthal et al 2000).


The topical use of lemon balm preparations for HSV Infection Is very popular In Europe. Results from a randomised double-blind study In 66 subjects with a history of recurrent herpes lablalls (>3 episodes/year) found that standardised lemon balm ointment (700 mg crude herb per gram) applied four times dally for 5 days significantly shortened healing time, prevented Infection spread and produced rapid symptom relief (Koytchev et al 1999). Decreased symptoms and Increased rate of healing were also observed In another double-blind study of lemon balm cream In 116 subjects (Woelbllng & Leonhardt 1994).

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