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Several clinical studies conducted in people with and without diabetes have identified significant lipid-lowering activity with different fenugreek preparations, such as defatted fenugreek, germinated seed and hydro-alcoholic extracts (Bordia et al 1997, Gupta et al 2001, Sharma et al 1990, Sowmya & Rajyalakshmi 1999). As can be expected, the dose used and type of preparation tested has an influence over results.

An open study using a daily dose of 18.0 g germinated fenugreek seed in healthy volunteers demonstrated significant reductions in total cholesterol and LDL-choles-terol levels. A placebo-controlled study found no effect after 3 months with a lower dose of 5 g seed daily (Bordia et al 1997, Sowmya & Rajyalakshmi 1999), suggesting that higher intakes may be required for lipid-lowering activity to become significant.

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