Dosage Range

Dose recommendations vary, but generally low doses are used. Internal formulations may take longer to show an effect than conventional medicines.

• Inhalation: 12 drops in 1 50 ml_ of boiling water or 5 drops in a nebuliser, which delivers approximately 35mg(unpubl. data: Harris & Harris - Aromatic Medicine: The Interfaces of Absorption, seminar course notes, Melbourne, 2003). High doses are not recommended because they can irritate the eyes and mucus membranes and may trigger an asthma-like attack.

• Mouth wash: 20 ml_ (0.91 mg/mL) solution gargled twice daily.

• Massage: traditionally aromatherapists use essential oils as 3.5-5% in a carrier substance but doses between 5% and 20% are used for adults and much lower doses for children and older people.

• Ointments, creams, gels and poultices: 5-10% in a carrier substance such as beeswax.

• Internal use: 0.3-0.6 miyday essential oil 1-4 times daily; capsules 100-200 mg; lozenges 0.2-1 5.0 mg dissolved slowly in the mouth every 30-60 minutes. Most Australian aromatherapists do not currently administer essential oils via the internal route (oral, vaginal and rectal), but they are administered via these routes in other countries, especially France.

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