Deficiency Signs And Symptoms

Based on epidemiological studies the low levels of n-3 PUFAs are associated with:

• fetal alcohol syndrome (DHA) (Horrocks & Yeo 1999)

• attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (DHA) (Horrocks & Yeo 1999)

• learning deficits (DHA) (Horrocks & Yeo 1999)

• cystic fibrosis (DHA) (Horrocks & Yeo 1999)

• phenylketonuria (DHA) (Horrocks & Yeo 1999)

• cardiovascular disease including an increased risk of sudden death due to heart disease (Siscovick et al 2003).

• inflammatory disorders

• rheumatoid arthritis (Navarro et al 2000)

• unipolar depression (DHA) (Horrocks & Yeo 1999)

• senile dementia.

In addition to these symptoms, lack of dietary EFAs has been implicated in the p^h gqs 425

development or aggravation of numerous diseases such as breast cancer, prostate

cancer, RA, asthma, pre-eclampsia, depression and schizophrenia (Yehuda et al 2005).

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