Clinical Use

Balcal skullcap Is an Ingredient In the very popular traditional Chinese/Japanese formulation, Minor Bupleurum Combination, known as Xiao Chai Hu Tang (Chinese) > 2007 Elsevier Australia

and Sho-saiko-to (Japanese). Minor Bupleurum Combination has been used in China for about 3000 years for the treatment of pyretic diseases.

Minor Bupleurum Combination (Sho-saiko-to) is now a prescription drug approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan and widely used in the treatment of chronic viral liver diseases. Since 1999, Sho-saiko-to has been administered to 1.5 million patients with chronic liver diseases, because it can significantly suppress cancer development in the liver (Yamashiki et al 1999). Sho-saiko-to is also used for the treatment of bronchial asthma in Japan (Nakajima et al 2001).

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