Chemical Components

Glycosides (eleutherosides A-M, includes saponins, coumarins, lignans, phenylpropanoids, oleanolic acids, triterpenes, betulinic acid and vitamins); steroid glycoside (eleutheroside A); lignan (eleutheroside D, sesamine); glycans (eleutherans A-G); triterpenoid saponins; saponin (protoprimulagenin A); hydroxycoumarin (isofraxidin); phenolics; polysaccharides; lignans; coumarins; resin.

Nutrients include magnesium 723/ig/g, aluminium 188fjq/q and manganese 37 /jq/q, vitamins A and E (Meacham 2002, Nissen 2003, Skidmore-Roth 2001).

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