Antiulcer Effects

Although no clinical studies are available, one study using an animal model of aspirin-induced gastric ulceration has identified significant antiulcer activity for the fresh juice from the whole plant of Bacopa monniera (Rao et al 2000). The study found that brahmi had a beneficial influence on the natural mucosal defensive factors, such as enhanced mucin secretion, mucosal glycoprotein production and decreased cell shedding, thereby reducing ulceration (Rao et al 2000). A follow-up in vivo study in various gastric ulcer models further confirmed brahmi's ability to increase the body's Brahmi 140

natural defence factors and showed that B. monniera is effective for both the

prophylaxis and treatment of gastric ulcers (Sairam et al 2001). In addition, brahmi was shown to reduce lipid peroxidation. An in vitro study demonstrated that B. monniera significantly inhibited Helicobacter pylori and the effect was comparable to that of bismuth subcitrate, a known H. pylori growth inhibitor (Goel et al 2003).

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