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Anti-inflammatory activity has been demonstrated in several animal models. Pretreatment with an 80% hydro-alcoholic extract reduced carrageenan-induced rat paw oedema at a dose of 100 mg extract/kg. Endomethacin 5 mg/kg was shown to be 4-fold more potent in the same experiment (Mascolo et al 1987). Both a 70% hydro-alcoholic extract and a C02-extract have been shown to inhibit experimentally induced inflammation and oedema. The triterpenoids were shown to be the main active anti-inflammatory compounds, with the faradiol monoester appearing to be the most relevant compound due to its quantitative prevalence (Delia et al 1994). A freeze-dried extract of calendula was found to suppress both the inflammatory effect

and leukocyte Infiltration in an inflammatory model induced by the simultaneous injection of carrageenan and PGE-| (Shipochliev et al 1981 ).

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