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Eucalyptus inhibits prostaglandin synthesis in vitro (Wagner 1986) at a concentration of 37 micromol/L. Anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive effects have been demonstrated in animal models (Ulbricht & Basch 2005). Alternatively, a study in which 1,8-cineole was injected into the rat hind-paw demonstrated that eucalyptus induced oedema, most likely due to the release of mast cell mediators (Santos & Rao 1997). The clinical implications of this finding for topically applied eucalyptus oil require

further investigation. Anti-inflammatory activity of E. radiata has been demonstrated in patients with dry and weeping dermatitis, most probably due to inhibition of inflammatory markers such as TNF-alpha, COX enzymes, 5-lipoxygenase and other leukotrines, and it could be an alternative to topical steroid medicines (Hadji-Minglou & Bolcato 2005, Santos & Raos 2000).

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