Anticoagulant And Antiplatelet Effects

Dong quai has been shown to have potent anticoagulant effects, as well as haemostatic effect related to promoting platelet aggregation (Yang T et al 2002). In a controlled trial an IV preparation of dong quai was found to prolong prothrombin times significantly more than IV dextran in a group of 96 patients admitted with ischaemic stroke (Micromedex 2003). Dong quai has also been shown to significantly inhibit platelet activation, relieve vascular endothelial cell injury, and improve microcirculation in patients with ulcerative colitis (Dong et al 2004). Ferulic acid, found in dong quai, has been reported to inhibit the aggregation of platelets in blood and retard platelet release of serotonin and adenosine diphosphate. Angelica sinensis has a lower coumarin content than other Angelica species.

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