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This ebook course teaches you everything that you need to know about the tricks that the best players use to play at the top of their game. You will learn all of the skills that the pros use to make sure that their game is the very best. This ebook comes with the full 120 page ebook on swing mechanics, videos to demonstrate the concepts, an audio version of the book that you can listen to on your own time, a 14 day email program that gives you other helpful tips and tricks, and lifetime updates to the content as well as article recommendations for you to take advantage of. This is more than a book; it is a collection of the best specialized knowledge that you will need to know in order to play like the best of the best do. Learn today how to play with the pros. Continue reading...

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Lou Gehrig and Superoxide Free Radicals

Lou Gehrig was the finest first baseman ever to play major league baseball. A left-handed power hitter who grew up in New York City, Gehrig played for the New York Yankees from 1923 to 1939. Throughout his career, he lived in the shadow of his teammates Babe Ruth and Joe Di Maggio, but Gehrig was a great hitter in his own right he compiled a lifetime batting average of .340 and drove in more than 100 runs every season for 13 years. During his career, he batted in 1991 runs and hit a total of 23 grand slams (home runs with bases loaded). But Gehrig's greatest baseball record, which stood for more than 50 years and has been broken only once by Cal Ripkin, Jr., in 1995 is his record of playing 2130 consecutive games. In the 1938 baseball season, Gehrig fell into a strange slump. For the first time since his rookie year, his batting pierce Information on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and more about Lou Gehrig, his outstanding career in baseball, and his fight with...

When the Shoulder Goes on Strike

Andre Aklassi (32) has been troubled lately by shoulder pain that slowly ruins his serve. He needs a diagnosis and therapy rapidly because the season is in full thrust and the Australian Open is approaching. His wife accompanies him. Hannah is rather excited, while Joey, a baseball fanatic, could not care less. A standard radiograph of the shoulder has already been performed elsewhere and apparently showed no abnormal finding. The students go ahead and analyze the MR image of the shoulder (Fig. 8.45).

An analogy for this statistical anomaly

By way of illustration of this statistical anomaly of increased initial risk versus overall attributable risk, a baseball analogy regarding a pitcher's earned run average (ERA) provides an excellent example. The ERA is probably the most critical statistic in determining a pitcher's performance. It is calculated by dividing the number of earned runs allowed by the number of innings pitched and multiplying by nine to determine the number of earned runs yielded per normal nine-inning game.

The Nature Of Equivalence

The very nature of cross-cultural psychology places a heavy emphasis upon assessment. In particular, measures that are used to make comparisons across cultural groups need to measure the characteristic unvaryingly in two or more cultural groups. Of course, in some settings, this procedure may be rather simple a comparison of British and American participants with regard to a variable such as depression or intelligence may not produce unusual concerns. The language, English, is, of course the same for both groups. Minor adjustments in the spelling of words (e.g., behavioral becomes behavioural) would first be needed. Some more careful editing of the items composing scales would also be needed, however, to assure that none of the items include content that has differing cultural connotations in the two countries. A question about baseball, for example, could affect resultant comparisons. These examples are provided simply to present the nature of the issue. Cross-cultural psychologists...

Rolf A Zwaan and Carol J Madden

(13) The pitcher hurled the baseball to you. (14) You hurled the baseball at the batter. There is nothing different about the intrinsic properties of the baseball in (13) and (14), such as shape or orientation. The only difference between the baseball in (13) and that in (14) is the direction of motion. Although the traditional view would not predict any differences in the mental representations of baseballs formed during comprehension of these two sentences (and may even have trouble explaining it post-hoc in an elegant manner), there is evidence that the direction of motion is incorporated into the representations of the two baseballs, yielding distinct simulations (Zwaan, Madden, Yaxley, & Aveyard, 2004). We will discuss this evidence and other relevant evidence in more detail later. (26) The shortstop hurled the softball at you. (27) You hurled the softball at the shortstop.

Measurement Invariance Across Time

Measurement invariance implies that the score on the instrument is independent of any variables other than the person's value on the theoretical construct of interest. To illustrate how measurement invariance might fail, consider a test of mathematics ability for intermediate school students. Suppose that the following item were devised A baseball player has 333 at bats and 111 hits. What is his batting average Although this item clearly reflects mathematical ability, it also reflects knowledge about baseball knowledge that is more likely to be found in male than female students with the same level of mathematics ability. Such items that exhibit a systematic relationship with group characteristics after controlling for the construct level are said to be functioning differentially across groups. Differential item functioning (DIF) thus contributes to measurement non-invariance across groups. Similarly, if measurement invariance holds across time, then the probability of a set of...

Guidelines 198 Postgraduate Assessment Training 199 Assessment And Managed Care Issues 199 The Politics And

The patient was cooperative and appropriate in the interview and in his responses to the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) items, until the examiner came to one item of the Comprehension subtest, What does this saying mean 'Strike while the iron is hot' The examiner was quite surprised when the patient, who up to that point had appeared to be relatively sound, answered Strike is to hit. Hit my wife. I should say push, and then pull the cord of the iron. Strike in baseball one strike against you. This means you have to hit

Methods for the Study of Bats

There are several techniques for capturing bats, and success with any requires knowledge of the roosting and foraging behavior of bats, as well as their emergence and dispersal patterns (Kunz and Kurta, 1988). Regardless of technique, three critical pieces of equipment for capturing bats are a light source, gloves, and ''bat bags.'' Because bats are nocturnal, most capture sessions take place at dusk or at night when they emerge for foraging. Headlamps with halogen bulbs and battery packs are ideal for this work as they are reliable and keep a researcher's hands free for handling bats and manipulating equipment. Leather gloves should be used when handling bats to prevent bites and reduce stress to the animal. Lightweight leather gloves (e.g., baseball batter gloves) can be used for juveniles and smaller species, but heavier leather will be necessary for larger and more aggressive species, especially vampire bats and the large megachiroptera. The gloves should be soft and pliable to...

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as 'Lou Gehrig's disease' (named after a baseball player who died from ALS in 1941) was initially described by Charcot in 1869. This neurological disease is manifested by degeneration of motor neurones located in cortex, brain stem and spinal cord. Clinically the ALS appears in the form of progressive paralysis and muscle atrophy. One of the important determinants of neuronal death in ALS is represented by deficient glutamate clearance, and as a consequence, excitotoxic neuronal damage. Reduced glutamate clearance is associated with a disappearance of astroglial glutamate transporter EAAT2 in the affected brain areas. Experimental genetic deletion of EAAT2 (GLT-1) in mice led to a pronounced loss of motor neurones thus mimicking ALS. The disappearance of EAAT2 in human astroglia in sporadic ALS is the consequence of gene failure and may result from aberrant RNA splicing, exon skipping and intron retention. In the hereditary form of ALS...

Patient And Activityrelated Factors

The duration and extent of repetitive load raise wear-related concerns after THR. These discussions involve questioning whether a patient can or should do an activity. A common concern centers on running after THR. A patient is able to run in times of need, and is not limited from running short distances infrequently, as in softball or tennis however, the repetitive joint reactive forces resulting from jogging raise appropriate concern for the durability of the prosthesis. The bearing surface is prematurely stressed, with repetitive loading up to five times body weight caused by each heel strike 9 . Cardiovascular fitness can be maintained instead with alternative low-impact, closed-chain exercises. Because the joint loads are reduced, patients are encouraged to achieve an aerobic workout with power walking, biking, swimming, the stair climber, and elliptical machines.

Resultant Force Analysis of the Shoulder during Throwing Activities

For this analysis, the kinematics of collegiate baseball pitchers pitching from an artificial mound within a motion analysis laboratory were captured. Force plates were built into the wood mound to measure the ground reaction forces during the pitching motion 30 . Reflective markers were taped to the skin of each pitcher at the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle. A marker also was fixed to the baseball. The pitching motions were recorded using a 5-camera, 200-Hz video capture system. Following testing, the marker positions were digitized throughout the pitching motion. The marker positions were recreated on a generic skeleton model. The markers were moved to match the digitized positions throughout the pitching motion, creating an animation of the pitching motion on the model. Local coordinate systems were defined within the skeleton model to quantify the joint rotations during the pitching motion. The upper arm and forearm also were modeled as rigid links connected to ball...

The Method of Inverse Dynamics

The method of inverse dynamics is increasingly being used to analyze the sequential ordering of body segment movements during an athletic event. The method is also useful to compute the joint moment that is resisted by muscle action in various modes of movement. Inverse dynamics is based on the experimental determination of velocity and acceleration terms that appear in the laws of motion. These laws are then used to evaluate the unknown forces and moments acting on parts of the body. As we illustrate in the following examples, the position and velocity of a point as well as the angular velocity of a body segment can be determined with reasonable accuracy by recording human movement with the use of digital cameras. Computational errors may be markedly larger in the evaluation of acceleration from data. Researchers use various numerical algorithms to enhance the accuracy of the inverse dynamics method. The sports mechanics literature is full of interesting articles that estimate muscle...

Throwing and Hitting and Falling

Welch, C.M., Banks, S.A., Cook, F.F., and Draovitch, P. 1995. Hitting a baseball a biomechanical description. J. Sports Phys. Ther. 22 193-221. Werner, S.L., Fleisig, G.S., Dillman, C.J., and Andrews, J.R. 1995. Biomechanics of the elbow during baseball pitching. J. Sports Phys. Ther. 17 274-278.

Atraumatic Instability

Atraumatic instability can occur due to overuse or repetitive motion. This is a common complaint in athletes who participate in sports involving repetitive hip rotation with axial loading (ie, figure skating, gold, football, baseball, martial arts, ballet, gymnastics, and so forth). The history provides the greatest clues to the diagnosis because patients can usually describe the motion that causes the pain such as swinging a golf club during a drive or throwing a football toward the sideline. These repetitive stresses may directly injure the iliofemoral ligament or labrum and alter the balance of forces in the hip. These abnormal forces cause increased tension in the joint joint capsule, which can lead to capsular redundancy, painful labral injury, and subsequent microinstability. On physical examination, patients will usually experience anterior hip pain while in the prone position with passive hip extension and external rotation 1,7 .

Pathways Of Delinquent Development

The increase of offending in early adolescence is primarily due to youngsters who are registered only once (Farrington, 1992 Wolfgang, Figlio and Sellin, 1972). These are supplemented by a group that offend repeatedly but desist soon from delinquency. Both groups represent an adolescence-limited pathway of delinquent development (Moffitt, 1993). Approximately one-third of all young males become officially registered as having committed a crime. And that must be an underestimate, because many other crimes and individuals are not detected. So this kind of delinquency can be interpreted as a more or less normal transition of youth. Most typical offences are shoplifting, bicycle theft, and other petty property offences. Even cases of violent crime are often not very serious (e.g. robbery of baseball caps from other youngsters fighting among rival groups).

Return To Sport

Series of professional athletes who had labral tears from seven different sports demonstrated successful return to preinjury athletic activity after hip arthros-copy 11 . The earliest return to sport was seen with the golfers (average 6 weeks), followed by hockey players and skaters. Baseball and soccer players averaged twelve weeks. Addressing bony abnormalities during arthroscopic intervention for labral tears may require extended protected weight bearing, however, which may potentially prolong return to sport.


I had some funny friends when I was a boy. One might say they were superlative. Billy certainly was. At 5 he could ride a bicycle and a horse, throw a baseball over a two-story building, and pee across the road. Johnny was even more outstanding. He could stand on his head for hours, eat tobacco worms and light bulbs, and endure hard blows to the stomach without flinching. However, it was Stephen who accomplished the most dramatic feat of all. Like Sampson, Stephen had long hair which he seldom cut and from which he apparently derived great strength. Once, after a hurricane, Stephen lowered himself into the rushing waters of a drainage ditch on a dare, but was not able to extricate himself immediately. He held on to the side of the ditch for dear life, lest he be swept downstream and drown. After a half-hour or so of struggling and continually declaring that nothing can defeat the Fuhrer , Stephen rose from the troubled waters none the worse for wear. Although my boyhood friends were...

C2 Symmetry

Hairpin Helix Single Stranded Dna

C2 symmetry implies that a structure is composed of two identical parts. An axis of rotation can be found that interchanges these two parts by a 180-degree rotation. This axis is called a C2 axis. An example of a common object that has such symmetry is the stitching of a baseball, which is used to bring two figure-8 shaped structures together to make a spherical shell. An example of a well-known biological structure with C2 symmetry is the hemoglobin tetramer which is made up of two identical dimers each consisting of one alpha chain and one beta chain. Another example is the streptavidin tetramer which contains four copies of the same subunit and has three different C2 axes. One of these passes horizontally right through the center of the structure (shown in Fig. 3.26).


Where 2F denotes the resultant force acting on a particle, m is the mass of the particle, and a is its acceleration, measured with respect to a coordinate system fixed on earth. According to this law, a particle will accelerate in the direction of the resultant force acting on the particle. The magnitude of the acceleration will be equal to the magnitude of the resultant force divided by the mass of the particle. Newton's first law is merely a subset of the second law. A particle is an object, large or small, in which the variations in velocity on its body is negligibly small at any instant when compared to the mean velocity of the object at the same instant. A particle could be a star, a baseball, or even an ice-skater gliding on ice. Problem 2.6. In baseball, a pitcher standing 60 ft from the home plate needs about 0.4 s to raise his glove in defense of a hard line drive hit at him. In March 1996, a batter hit the pitcher in the face with a ball that traveled back in 0.29 s. Five of...

Deciding to Retire

When I became familiar with the game of baseball, retire meant that the batter or the side was no longer at bat. I started collecting cards containing pictures of famous players, and learned that an occasional superplayer's uniform number was retired after he had played his last game.

Same Object YN

After each sentence, they saw two pictures each presented briefly and separated by a mask (see Figure 10.3). On critical trials, the depicted object was mentioned in the sentence (e.g., a softball). Crucially, the second picture was either bigger or smaller than the first one, thus suggesting movement toward or away from the viewer. The size changes were very subtle. Subjects judged whether the two pictures were the same. On trials requiring no responses, the two pictures were of different objects (e.g., a basketball and a snowmobile). In other words, the picture-judgment task was extremely easy. Nonetheless, the subjects' responses were influenced by the content of the sentences, exactly as predicted by our construal theory. Picture sequences in which the second ball was bigger than the first were judged significantly faster when the sentence implied movement toward the protagonist (e.g., as in (26)) than when the sentence implied movement away from the protagonist (as in (27)). And...

Baseball For Boys

Baseball For Boys

Since World War II, there has been a tremendous change in the makeup and direction of kid baseball, as it is called. Adults, showing an unprecedented interest in the activity, have initiated and developed programs in thousands of towns across the United States programs that providebr wholesome recreation for millions of youngsters and are often a source of pride and joy to the community in which they exist.

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