Yellow fever

Yellow fever is a serious viral infection spread by mosquitoes and, like malaria, is a tropical disease. Yellow fever vaccination is essential for travel to or through equatorial Africa and northern parts of South America, and for re-entry to Australia from those countries.

One injection only is required and the immunisation is valid for 10 years. Children aged less than 9 months should not be given this vaccine. It should not be given within 3 weeks of cholera vaccine.

Note: It is important to check specific country requirements in the World Health Organisation book on vaccination requirements. 8

According to WHO a certificate against yellow fever is the only certificate that should be required for international travel. The requirements of some countries are in excess of International Health Regulations. However, vaccination against yellow fever is strongly recommended to all travellers who intend to visit places other than the major cities in the countries where the disease occurs in humans.

Dealing With Back Pain

Dealing With Back Pain

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