Validity and reliability

• An ideal method of collecting research material is one that is valid.

• A valid method is one that measures what it claims to measure.

• A reliable method is one that produces repeatable results.

Validity refers to the 'true' answer, which must be relevant, complete and accurate. Three significant questions that evaluate validity are: 9

• Is the study useful or is the result inconclusive?

• Do you accept the results of this study as applied to the source population?

• Do the results apply to the population in which you would be interested?

Internal validity refers to the adequacy of the study methods in reference to the study population, while external validity refers to the generalisability of the results to the general population. Reliability refers to the stability of question-and-answer response and is most successfully measured by testing and then retesting (repeatedly). The most frequently used method of testing for repeatability is to repeat application of the test.

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