UV antisunburn cream Medication checklist

Those items marked with * usually require a prescription.

* Antibiotics o norfloxacin 400 mg (6 tablets for 3 days) o co-trimoxazole (for children) Antacid tablets—for heartburn or indigestion

• * Antimalarials—where appropriate

• * Diamox tablets for acute mountain sickness

• * Fasigyn 2 g or Flagyl 2.4 g—for amoebiasis or giardiasis Laxative (Senokot)

• * Imodium or Lomotil—for diarrhoea

Motion sickness tablets (Avomine, Kwells or Phenergan)

Paracetamol tablets—for fever or pain

• * Sleeping tablets (temazepam, promethazine) Rehydration mixture (Gastrolyte).

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