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• More common with increasing age History of injury:

• Heavy manual work, trauma to spine, e.g. motor vehicle accident Site and radiation:

• May radiate to buttocks

Type of pain:

• Dull nagging ache (often constant)

• Acute episodes on chronic background Aggravation:

• Heavy activity, bending

• Limited tolerance of standing and sitting


• Resting by lying straight, gentle exercise, hydrotherapy Associations:

• Stiffness, especially in mornings

• Stiffness with immobility

• Generally good health

Physical examination

• All movements restricted Diagnosis confirmation:

Stiffness of the low back is the main feature of lumbar spondylosis. Although most people live with and cope with the problem, progressive deterioration can occur leading to subluxation of the facet joints. Subsequent narrowing of the spinal and intervertebral foramen leads to spinal canal stenosis (Fig 33.10).

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su taxation of facet joint

Fig. 33.10 Lumbar spondylosis with degeneration of the disc and facet joint, leading to narrowing of the spinal canal and intervertebral foramen

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